Saturday School Plus

Saturday School Plus in E17 is an event 
giving children from St Mary’s School and St Saviour’s School an opportunity to learn, develop and play.
Saturday School Plus runs for 30 Saturdays a year throughout autumn, spring and summer terms and is open to children in the morning and early afternoon. There is a caring and friendly atmosphere, with experienced teachers and teaching assistants who are well equipped to support your child in making rapid progress whilst building their self esteem and independence. Children at Saturday School Plus have the opportunity to learn in a safe and stimulating environment. They work with children from other schools and make new friends.

Achieving at Saturday School Plus! At Saturday School Plus, our aim is to enable your child to make accelerated progress through carefully planned activities aimed specifically at your child’s ability level. We are determined to help every child reach their potential and develop as successful learners. We provide an exciting, activity-based and innovative curriculum with up-to-date learning resources. Children are taught in small ability-groups and are coached to enhance their skills in core curriculum subjects.

Saturday School Plus is Different! We work hard to ensure that Saturday School Plus is different to normal school and a lot of fun! Children take part in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year, for example: philosophy for children, pottery, African drumming, tapestry, cookery, water-colour painting, sketching, mask-making and a wide range of sporting activities. We also have funding to take children on exciting and educational trips, including: visits to museums, heritage centres, theatres, activity centres and tours of London.


If you are interested in your child joining Saturday School Plus, please email the school office.

Reception 2024

Our Open Days are as follows:

Wednesday 4th October at 10.00am

Tuesday 14th November  at 6:00pm

Saturday 9th December at 11.00am

Thursday 11th January 2024 at 10:00am


We look forward to welcoming you to our school.