Little Learners Nursery Group is a private company that operates out of St Saviour’s School.

They provide a nurturing and safe environment in which children thrive as they learn. All children feel welcomed, valued and listened to.

We are extremely proud of the quality of care we can offer your child. We will support the children in becoming confident and independent learners. Our commitment to working closely with families runs through everything we do.

As a parent, you can be assured that your child will enjoy a wide range of stimulating activities and learn the social skills that they need to become independent and confident.  With us, children learn the skills to develop strong relationships with the people around them.

Our pre-school aged children (3 and 4 year olds) are school ready; doing extremely well in their reception year with nearly all our former students reaching their Early Learning Goals.

For Details, please visit their website:

St Saviour’s Nursery

St Marys Nursery














St Saviour’s are working towards a paperless system in schools. You will need to have accounts set up for Parent Mail and Parent Pay – if you need help getting these set up, please contact the school office.